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Export OWASP report in PDF

We have released a new version of Security Plugin for SonarQube™ that includes the most wanted feature, the ability to export to PDF all your OWASP compliance information.

Quick and simple, new report 2.0!

We have released a new version of Report for SonarQube™ plugin. A fresh new version, completely changed and adapted to the needs users have shared with us, including a brand new PDF executive report.

SQALE 1.2 released

This version is focused on support for SonarQube™ latest version (8.x) and several internal improvements.

Overview Report 1.4.3 released

This version is focused on fixing internal bugs to improve user experience.

SonarQube™ Plugins - Our motivation and goals

Why do we develop SonarQube™ plugins? How did we start this code quality project? Discover all the benefits of extending sonar functionalities as well as the reasons behind bitegarden and two of our most successful SonarQube™ plugins.

News for code quality lovers

SQALE plugin for SonarQube™ has new features to manage technical debt and we add two new sonar plugins to the family - Rating Report and Project Tag will boost usability of your tags in SonarQube™. It's all about sonarqube plugins development!

The Beginning

This is our first blog post! A brief introduction to our SonarQube™ Marketplace project and the roadmap of our SonarQube™ plugins blog.