6 reasons why you should use SonarQube

Discover why you should use SonarQube

Developers often find themselves working with very strict deadlines and to provide the result on time they compromise the quality of the code with potential bugs, code duplications and poor distribution of complexity.

To achieve continuous code integration and distribution, developers need a tool to continuously track and control code, such as SonarQube.

6 reasons why you should use SonarQube

1) Find and alert

SonarQube automatically detects errors in code and alert developers to correct them before deploying to production.

2) Sustainability

Reduce the complexities, duplications, and potential errors in code, maintaining a neat and clean code architecture, and increasing unit testing.

3) Code Quality

It can determine the violation of code standards and helps to eliminate errors. Maintains a high-quality architecture, enforces encoding standards and document APIs. This platform also makes it easy for developers to create a customizable dashboard and filters to focus on key areas. Assists in delivering a quality product on time.

4) Increase Productivity

Makes it easy for team members to reduce application size, code complexity, maintenance time and cost, and make code easy to read and understand. And also it reduces the risk of additional costs and time when changing the application code.

5) Scale with your Business

SonarQube has been created to adapt to business needs and to scale without any limits.

6) Increase the skills of the development team

Developers receive regular feedback on quality issues and this helps them increase their programming skills.

With SonarQube, code analysis becomes easier for development teams and code quality becomes an integral part of the process. You will see how the quality of the software increases and the cost and risk of managing the software decreases.

And if you need more, we have created some Plugins for SonarQube that improve your entire ecosystem of code quality.


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