Application Security and Code Security Analysis

Application security is a priority issue because we are facing an increasing number of security breaches and compromised user accounts.

Why it happens? It happens exactly because it is difficult to improve security without blocking delivery or interrupting continuous integration. Reducing vulnerabilities and improving code security requires a plan of action.

Fortunately, we do not have to manage this task alone. SonarQube is the best tool for continuous inspection of code quality and detection of security threats.

Advantages for code and equipment security

SonarQube concentrates different tools in one place and this makes it easier for developers to concentrate on their work without having to use multiple tools and also allows new developers to get on board more quickly.

In fact, as SonarQube finds Hotspots, it provides detailed descriptions of security vulnerabilities, where immediate action is required, and why the code is at risk.

Security Hotspots

Thus the developer learns to assess security risk and becomes familiar with the practices of secure coding. In this way the security problems will be a fact of all the teams - not just of the security team.

How to decide which security issue to focus on

Adding the Security Plugin to your SonarQube you will be able to see the classification of vulnerabilities and evidences found by categories OWASP TOP 10 and by severity. This will make it much easier to manage security issues and focus on what really matters.

Classify security issues in SonarQube

Try the Security Plugin for SonarQube

Detect your security problems to reduce costs

This new approach allows you to shorten the feedback loop and increase throughput because fixing security later in the workflow means spending more time and money.

In addition, direct participation of the development team allows to increase the exchange of knowledge on security threats and to improve their capabilities towards cleaner coding.

Happy clean coding!

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