Quick and simple, new report 2.0!

bitegarden team is pleased to announce a new version (2.0) of Report Plugin for SonarQube™.

This new version is focused in changing the way we were using reports in SonarQube™. We have redesigned the page in your project space with different sections that will provide a different kind of report for every user, from management to developers.


A new executive report for your SonarQube™ projects

We have included our first report to provide a clean PDF with an executive summary of your project code quality.

Take a look a this report sample. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

You will love it and your managers will love it too!

Of course, you will be able to still use your ODT template if you want… but sincerely, who need the custom template when you have such a clean and minimalistic summary report with all the information in just one page?


And one more thing…

We have removed all the garbage stuff and make it easier to use. You won’t need to configure anything to get your PDF report, and we have removed the required OpenOffice installation to convert ODT templates. This was something we really didn’t like at all.

Now you have two options (soon there will be more):

- The brand new executive PDF report for your project

- The custom ODT template if you want to customize anything or be able to edit the generated report

You just need to go to the “Reporting” page to browse through Report Management section:


Configure SonarQube™ update center to upgrade your version or download it directly from downloads page.

Enjoy the new version!


bitegarden team

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