What SonarQube plugin should I use for...?

Our extensive knowledge and experience in SonarQube and SonarCloud have allowed us to develop a wide range of products that extend the functionality of Sonar products. Solutions to generate reports of metrics, views of standards of security, manager of installation of plugins, etc. Given this range of solutions, you might not be sure which one you need or which one will be most useful. So, apart from advising you, we thought of designing this map so that you can visualize our entire range of products and compare them according to your position and level, within your sector.

Below we leave you this image so you can see the map of plugins of SonarQube and products for SonarCloud of bitegarden:

Map plugins SonarQube bitegarden

As you will see, we establish three levels of general knowledge (started, senior and pro) and the five areas where our products should be used: administration, development, security, operation and management. It is clear that depending on your knowledge, experience and position, you will be served one or the other. So now you have a clear map that will help you make decisions.

Remember that all plugins include a free trial period. You can find them in this link with their corresponding descriptions.

Finally, we remind you that we have an active promotion 20% discount for the Premium Pack bitegarden, which includes all products for SonarQube or SonarCloud.

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