What are the differences between SonarQube and SonarLint?

Sonar technology has facilitated the productivity and efficiency of development teams thanks to the launch of tools such as SonarQube and Sonarlint. These two static code analyzers examine all lines of a project, but… What are the differences between SonarQube and Sonarlint? Keep reading that we will explain.

First and before we know the differences between these two Sonar tools, let’s remember what they are:

¿What it is SonarQube?

It is an automatic code analysis solution that helps developers and implements Clean Code. SonarQube integrates into the existing development workflow and detects errors and security issues in the code base, while performing continuous code inspections of projects.

¿What it is SonarLint?

It is a free and open source IDE plugin that helps developers find and fix problems in real time while writing code.

SonarQube vs Sonarlint: Main differences

1 - SonarQube is a server on which projects are added and analyzed. SonarLint is a plugin that is used in the IDE (Visual Studio, Eclipse, among others).

2 - SonarLint detects errors while writing the code (as a spell checker). SonarQube provides a 360º view of the code status of a project. It continuously analyzes all the code of a project, offers status reports and graphs, duplicate code, its architecture, complexity, comments, potential errors, etc.

3 - SonarQube performs scans with third-party analyzers, Sonarlint does not.

4 - SonarLint has a set of default parsing rules. SonarQube also, but allows create new rules and associate them to each language.

5 - SonarLint is a free extension. SonarQube has a 14-day free trial and has three payment plans, which vary depending on the number of lines of code.

More features for code analysis

The complexity of the code, programming languages, false positives…Shall we add some more? These concepts are part of the ecosystem that developers fight every day to achieve code quality, Clean Code.

At bitegarden we have developed some plugins that extend SonarQube’s functionalities: PDF or Excel reporting, information on security standards, etc.

These products can be downloaded and tested free here.

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