Launch of the new Report Plugin for SonarCloud

We are happy to announce the release of the Report Plugin for SonarCloud.

This plugin will allow you to export all the information you need and as often as you want, directly with a simple click.

Download PDF Report Of Code Analysis In SonarCloud

You will save much of the time needed to generate status reports on the quality and safety of your projects and you can download a PDF report of your project in seconds, as many times as you want and with all the information of the project at that specific moment.

Get your free trial and start downloading your SonarCloud reports right now!

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If you need more information about the features or how to get started, please check the product page of the Report Plugin for SonarCloud.

How to export the report from SonarCloud Download the report from SonarCloud - Top Common Issues

Report Plugins for SonarQube

If you need to generate a report from SonarQube visit the page of the bitegarden Report for SonarQube™ and get your free trial for 14 days.

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