New version! Security Plugin for SonarQube 2.23

We released the version 2.23 of the Security Plugin for SonarQube!
It comes with significant enhancements designed to provide users with a more comprehensive and detailed security analysis experience. In this new version, we have added new features to the PDF reports to improve transparency and traceability.

The new features included in the PDF reports are:

  • Analyzed lines of code: Each PDF report now shows the total number of lines of code that were analyzed. This provides a clear view of the scope of the analysis and allows development teams to better understand the extent of the evaluation performed.

  • Report creation date: Each generated report now includes the exact date of its creation. This feature is crucial for maintaining a chronological record of analyses and facilitates the comparison of results over time.

  • SonarQube version used: The new PDF reports also specify the version of SonarQube being used. This ensures that users can correlate the analysis results with the specific version of the tool, which is essential for reproducing results and resolving potential discrepancies.

These enhancements are part of our ongoing commitment to providing more useful and detailed tools for managing code security. We are confident that these changes will help teams perform more precise analyses and make more informed decisions. We hope you enjoy these new features!

Download the new version

Security Plugin para SonarQube 2.20 ya está disponible para descarga a través del Universal Plugin Manager o desde la página de descarga del producto.

If you have not yet tried this plugin, remember that you can do it for free through this button.

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