New SonarQube Bitegarden plugins update!

SonarQube has undergone a change in the appearance of its interface; therefore, we have adapted the plugins to better align with the new style of the latest versions of the popular static code analysis software. This update enhances user experience optimization and improves efficiency in the software development process.

SonarQube, a fundamental tool for development teams worldwide, provides continuous code quality analysis to ensure the delivery of high-quality software. However, with each new version of SonarQube, there arises the need for plugins to adapt to ensure their compatibility and optimal functionality.

This means that users will be able to continue leveraging the key features of Bitegarden plugins while working in updated SonarQube environments.

Below is a list of the plugins that have been modified:

  • bitegarden Universal Plugin Manager.
  • bitegarden Sqale Plugin.
  • bitegarden Overview Report for SonarQube.
  • bitegarden Security Plugin for SonarQube.
  • bitegarden Project Tag for SonarQube.
  • bitegarden Control Center for SonarQube.
  • bitegarden Rating Report for SonarQube.
  • bitegarden Report for SonarQube.

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