CWE Top 25 2021 now included in the Security Plugin for SonarQube

We have published version 2.6 of the Security Plugin for SonarQube that allows to know the fulfillment of the security standards (OWASP, CWE/SANS).

The plugin incorporates for the first time the ability to download a PDF report of compliance with the CWE Top 25 standard, something that could be done before for the OWASP standard and that you have sued us in many cases. We have also updated the CWE Top 25 standard to version 2021 that has been published during the month of July 2021.

Internal changes are also included to improve dependencies.

What’s new in the Security Plugin for SonarQube

New features and changes

– PDF generation for the CWE Top 25 standard.

– Support for CWE Top 25 of 2021.

– The severity icons have been changed to the standard SonarQube icons.

– At the bottom of the plugin the link to technical support is included.

Error correction

– Only the branch is displayed on the first page of the PDF.

Download the sample report in PDF>

CWE top 25 2021 - Security Plugin for SonarQube has been released

Download the new version

The Security Plugin is now available for download through the Update Center or from the Download page.

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