SonarQube™ Plugins - Our motivation and goals

bitegarden was born more than a year ago as a side project of a group of SonarQube™ professionals. We wanted to spread our knowledge and help with our experience as highly trained and specialised SonarQube™ consultants. When we look back, it’s hard to believe what we’ve achieved after a year.

SonarQube™ power

We love SonarQube™ and we believe it’s the best tool to write clean and secure code out there. But in this industry, and specially in an open source product like SonarQube™ there is always room for personalisation and added features.

Years working with SonarQube™ and collaborating in forums, events and communities, have resulted in an extensive knowledge of the whole ecosystem. We identified a series of missing features, room for improvement and better practices within the tool itself. But at the same time, we observed how development teams taking the most out of SonarQube™ improved the quality of their software day by day. We’ve seen the impact that SonarQube™ have on developing better and safer code. We love their approach and we completely share it: sonar is a developer centered tool, which helps developers develop better software.

But the software development lifecycle involves other roles too, not only developers. We want to give SonarQube™ all the reporting features that are missing and are asked for by project managers, product owners and as much people as we can. And that’s basically what we do: we create plugins for SonarQube™ tailored to the needs of each specific team.

SonarQube™ plugins

Two great examples of the motivation behind bitegarden are SQALE and Overview Report plugins.

- SQALE plugin for SonarQube™ brings back a software quality model that used to be present on SonarQube™ previous versions. The SQALE method is focused on Technical Debt management and it’s compliant to ISO 25000, so not only our plugin fits the needs of those who are missing SQALE on SonarQube™, but of those who are looking for a specific, certified and effective methodology to improve software quality. SQALE Plugin for SonarQube™ is listed as an official SQALE tool to manage your technical debt.


- Overview Report Plugin for SonarQube™ responds to one of the most asked functionalities: gather sonarqube projects together creating one or more portfolios for a better evaluation of overall quality of software within an organisation.


Check all of our plugins, and evaluate them for free!

If you have any questions during the evaluation or are looking for help, just contact us. We are always happy to help.

Plugin documentation and directory

What’s to come in the near future?

We are working on improving the documentation of all our products (this blog will help as well towards this goal) whilst improving their features and even we have in mind some new plugins!

The final goal is to put bitegarden as a referent in the SonarQube™ ecosystem allowing more teams to grow using this incredible code quality tool. We want to be the primary plugin directory for SonarQube™ and become a trustful partner for all code quality lovers.

Stay tuned!

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