Sonarqube Community Edition

The Community Edition of Sonarqube is the opensource and free version of Sonarqube, and it is also usable for commercial use (click on the following link to know what Sonarqube is and what it is used for).

The Community Edition of Sonarqube provides developers and development teams with an integrated continuous inspection solution for code review. Its unique methodology enables developers to improve maintainability, reliability, and security in 15 programming languages ​​through direct integration with popular IDEs, build tools, and workflows.

The languages ​​included are: Java, JavaScript, C #, TypeScript, Kotlin, Ruby, Go, Scala, Flex, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, VB.NET.

Deep code analysis helps track hard-to-find bugs and quality issues. Advanced, high-precision techniques such as data flow analysis maximize productivity by reducing false positives.

Continuous code inspection

To pay even more attention to the mistakes that are being made while writing the code, it is possible to use Sonarlint, a little gem of SonarSource. Sonarlint is an extension for IDE’s that helps to see the incidents of the code before analyzing it with SonarQube.

This amazing tool helps developers create cleaner code as they work.

Plugins for Sonarqube

In bitegarden we want to help companies around the world develop better and more secure software. And we do it by extending Sonarqube functionalities, from SAST solutions (Static Application Security Testing) using OWASP, to project reports and quality methodologies such as SQALE.

The TOP 3 best SonarQube Plugins:

Report Plugin: export the SonarQube report quickly and easily. Executive report in PDF or custom report (ODT) available.

Security Plugin: based on the OWASP, CWE, WASC and CERT standard, it gathers a list of vulnerabilities detected in the code allowing to know the security compliance of the entire project.

Overview Report Plugin: allows you to have an aggregated view of the metrics of two or more Sonarqube projects. With this plugin you can group different projects, thus obtaining a better perspective on the quality status of the software in the organization.

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