Overview Report Plugin for SonarQube™

Provides a big picture of your SonarQube™ instance with all the aggregated measures in a single view

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Code Quality Overview for SonarQube™

We love SonarQube™... We have a lot of projects... but... what about your whole instance? what about a team? what about a specific portfolio of projects? Did you ever though about getting a big picture?

With this plugin you will be able to manage your SonarQube™ instance to get an overview of all the aggregated quality metrics. By default if no group is defined, it will display an overview of all your projects in your SonarQube™ instance

On a single page you will get all aggregated metrics, including your leak period.

You will be able to see total number of bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells, along with size metrics, duplications or coverage.

SonarQube™ Overview sample with whole instance
SonarQube Portfolio

Define groups of projects in SonarQube™

Go to plugin settings (Administration > General Settings > Overview). The project groups section allows you to configure your custom group of resources in SonarQube™.

You just need to enter your name and a comma separated list of resource keys to be included in the group.

You will be able to see total number of bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells, along with size metrics, duplications or coverage, for each defined group in the global page.

If no group is defined, then the plugin will compute all your projects and will provide an overview summary.


This plugin provides a global page with all the collected metrics and global ratings for your whole instance. This includes the project distribution for each rating (size, reliability, security and maintainability) and the aggregated measures.

Global ratings are computed as follows:

- Size rating: this is the sum of all lines of code of all the projects. The rating is computed exactly the same as a individual project. See Size Rating for more information.

- Reliability, Security and Maintainability rating: these ratings are computed by giving values from 1 to 5 to each project depending on the rating (A=1 ... E=5). Then we sum all the values and compute the average number. This number is rounded to the nearest value from 1 to 5. This value will be the global rating for your projects.

Portfolio sample with two views

Get your code quality big picture!

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