SQALE Plugin for SonarQube™

Software Quality Assessment based on Lifecycle Expectations is back to SonarQube™! Track your technical debt with SQALE method


Put your technical debt under control

SQALE Plugin for SonarQube™ is listed as an official SQALE tool to manage your technical debt

The SQALE method has been developed to answer a generic and permanent need for assessing the quality of source code. Standards like ISO 9126 and ISO/IEC 15939 do not provide effective support for this challenge, and that's why ISO 25000 was created for.

The SQALE method is particularly devoted to the management of the Technical Debt (or Design Debt) of software developments and it conforms to ISO 25000. It allows:

- To define clearly what creates the technical debt

- To estimate correctly this debt

- To analyse this debt upon technical and business perspective

- To offer different prioritisation strategies allowing establishing optimised payback plan.

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SQALE Plugin for SonarQube™ brings back several features that were removed in SonarQube™. It provides a full project space with all the SQALE information at a glance:

SQALE Rating: your project SQALE rating based on the technical debt along with the technical debt ratio and total technical debt in days (this debt includes all issue types: bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells)

SQALE Technical Debt Pyramid: the SQALE Pyramid is certainly the most useful indicator of the SQALE method. It gives a lot of information on the nature of the technical debt and thus helps to make decisions. It helps to answer questions that often arise once you have quantified the technical debt of your application.

SQALE Remediation Costs to reduce risk: provides a way to know the risk of your technical debt by severity.

SQALE Sunburst: helps you to get technical debt distribution by SQALE characteristic

SQALE Plugin for SonarQube™ provides default quality models used in previous versions of SonarQube™, but you can create your own SQALE quality model by "tagging" the rules with SQALE characteristics.

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