SonarQube Report Plugin

Generate your project report from a fully customizable ODT template

Customizable, tailored SonarQube Metrics Reporting

Ever needed to generate a SonarQube report? Would you like to be able to nicely export just the information you need to? Welcome to SonarQube ODT Report Plugin.

This plugin is able to generate project reports from completely configurable ODT templates. These reports collect metrics of your project in SonarQube and present it in the form of an ODT text document.

SonarQube Report saves much of the time it takes to generate status reports on the quality of your projects. You will be able to download a quality report of your project in a few seconds, when you want, with the information of the project at that moment, with your own configured templates and then, if you deem it necessary, complete it with the information that you consider in the own report as per its OpenDocument format. What is more, the report it's easily converted in a nice, tailored PDF report.

Team analysing a report


- Ability to create and customize your template (headers, tables, text, headings, cover, images, ...)

- Configure your template for a project or for your whole SonarQube instance.

- Ability to include any SonarQube metric anywhere in your report.

- Support for all SonarQube languages and technologies, including all third party plugins.

- Report is generated during SonarQube analysis and can be download through SonarQube UI

- Send your report by email.

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