Dependency Track for SonarQube™

Check your Dependency Track instance information without leaving SonarQube


Learn about Dependency Track vulnerability analysis from SonarQube

Want to check the number of vulnerabilities in your code? Would you like to review your Dependency Track instance information without leaving SonarQube? Now you can do it thanks to our bitegarden product Dependency Track for SonarQube.

With this new product you can manage vulnerabilities detected by Dependency Track from your SonarQube instance. To do this, we have designed a view card that summarizes the number of vulnerabilities and components of a particular project, accompanied by of its corresponding 'Risk Socore'.

In addition, you will also easily find the list of vulnerabilities, broken down by severity and vulnerability type.

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Dependency Track for SonarQube

Dependency Track for SonarQube


The main features of this product are as follows:

- Identify the risks and vulnerabilities of your project at a glance.
- Know what is affected and where in your code.
- Check vulnerabilities classified according to their severity.
- Rapid visual representation of information.

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