Rating Report Plugin for SonarQube™

Includes a new report to get ratings for all your rule tags in SonarQube™


Code Quality Ratings for everything!

This plugin provides an overview of the code quality ratings of your project based on rule tags from SonarQube™.

SonarQube™ has a powerful quality model based on three main axis: reliability, security and maintainability. But sometimes you need to know a little bit more... What about performance? What about error handling? And user experience?

With this plugin you will be able to get ratings for all those code quality characteristics by using the rule tags feature available in SonarQube.

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sonarqube rating report radar sonarqube rating report breakdown


With this plugin you will get new information for each SonarQube™ rule tag:

Tag Rating: the rating for each tag is based on severity the same way that reliability and security rating

Total number of issues per Tag: you will be able to see a report with total issues number for each tag.

Issues per severity per Tag: provides a way to know the risk for all the tags by severity.

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