Project Tag Plugin for SonarQube™

Set project tag during analysis in SonarQube™ using a command line property


Tag your project automatically

Did you ever tried to automate your project on-boarding using tags in SonarQube™?

SonarQube™ has a powerful tag management in projects space, but the only way to create a tag is manually through the user interface. When you already have project meta-data you will want to use it during project analysis (in your CI tool like Jenkins). Everything is automated and the project tag is set using the meta-data and available as soon as possible.

Creating tags manually is a very hard when you have a lot of projects.

With this plugin you will be able to set the project tag in an easy way. Just provide the tag through a command line property in your analysis and the plugin will do the rest.

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sonarqube project tag spaces screenshot


With this plugin you will be able to tag a project automatically in SonarQube™:

Set tag through command line property: you just need to add this property

to any of your scanners and the plugin will get the information and will store it in SonarQube™.

Please, note that SonarQube™ tags accept only the characters:

a-z, 0-9, '+', '-', '#', '.'

In admin settings, launch the process to tag all the projects: once your projects are analyzed using the property, you can just launch the process that will tag the projects for you. Just go to Administration -> Configuration -> Project Tag and launch it.

Custom and system tags are kept: the process won't remove any tag and it will only add the tag used during the analysis.

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