Metrics Pack Plugin for SonarQube™

Provides a new bunch of metrics for your SonarQube™ instance

Free package of SonarQube™ metrics

This plugin is able to generate several metrics to provide additional information into your SonarQube™ analysis.

Metrics Pack brings back to SonarQube™ metrics like Rules Compliance Index, Dead Code or Total Technical Ratio.


Metrics Pack Screenshot

Metrics Description

Rules Compliance Index

Metric based on the weighted value of issues and the number of lines of code

Dead Code Issues

This metric includes the number of issues related with dead code. The rules that apply for the metric are customizable through plugin settings.

Estimated Development Cost

Based on the setting for the cost to develop one line of code (LOC), we compute the total estimated development cost for your SonarQube™ resources

Total Technical Debt Ratio

SonarQube™ computes technical debt ratio only for issues categorized as code smells. With this new metric you will know your overall debt ratio, including the remediation costs of bugs and vulnerabilities

Lines of Code per File

Just for fun, did you ever ask yourself the average lines of code of your project? Here you have it!

Start computing all the new metrics for free!