Generic Issue Data Exporter for SonarQube™

Use SonarQube custom rules in your SonarCloud instance


Analyze your projects in SonarCloud with SonarQube rules

Want to increase the quality and security of your code? Would you like to use SonarQube rules to analyze your SonarCloud projects? Now you can do it thanks to our bitegarden product Generic Issue Data Exporter for SonarQube.

This product will allow you to take advantage of SonarQube’s custom rules in your SonarCloudinstance. This way you can take advantage of the potential of SonarQube in your SonarCloud instance.

If you are a SonarCloud user but want to increase the number of custom rules to analyze your projects With this product you can easily import the information that SonarQube offers to your SonarCloud instance. In this way, you can consult the analysis made by SonarQube rules without leaving your SonarCloud instance.


Generic Issue Data Exporter for SonarQube

Getting Started

bitegarden Generic Issue Data Exporter for SonarQube™ requires Java 8 to run.

If you use a custom properties file you should run the application with the "config.file" parameter and provide the path to the properties file:

java -jarbitegarden-generic-issue-data-exporter-for-sonarqube.jar --help

If a property is defined in both locations (file and command line args) the command line property will override the property in the file. This way you can have a generic configuration file with the common properties (sonar.token, sonar.organizationKey, report.type, ...) and then use command line args for specific properties like sonar.projectKey or sonar.branch.

Using a license key

By default when you download the product you will be able to use it during 14 days. Once your evaluation is finished, you will need to purchase the product and get a valid license key. The license key will be provided as a text file. In order to use this license file you must set the property "license.file" in your configuration file (or through command line args) with the path of your license file. This is a sample running a licensed product using a command line argument:

java -Dlicense.file=PATH_TO_LICENSE_FILE -jar bitegarden-generic-issue-data-exporter-for-sonarqube.jar --help

It is up to you to include the "license.file" property in your configuration file or use it as a command line argument with "-D".

Troubleshooting and Support

Si tienes algún problema por favor crea una petición de soporte en nuestro centro de soporte y estaremos encantados de ayudarte a encontrar una solución.

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