Control Center for SonarQube™

Provides a new control center for SonarQube™ administrators


Control Center for SonarQube™

Enables new options in the SonarQube™ to be able to filter projects with new options and perform massive actions.

Do you need to know which sets of projects are most active and frequently scanned?

Do you need to know which projects have not been analyzed for a long time and how many lines of code have?

The plugin provides new sections available to administrators that will allow you to do that and much more.

The goal of the Control Center is to provide administrators with certain periodic tasks to keep their instance clean and well managed.

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Control Center for SonarQube™ new UI option Control Center for SonarQube™ project management page

SonarQube Portfolio of all your Projects

Bulk actions on projects

Filter by project key or name, last analysis before and after, visibility, ...

Show aggregated basic metrics (lines of code, lines per language, ...) for the selected projects to make decisions and manage your instance.

Are there old projects that are no longer scanned and can be removed? What are the most active projects?

Once filtered, you can apply actions such as bulk apply tag to the selected projects, so that later you can easily find those projects in any section of SonarQube™.

Improve your SonarQube instance administration with Control Center

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