Control Center for SonarQube™

Provides a new control center for SonarQube™ administrators


Control Center for SonarQube

Control Center for SonarQube is a plugin that allows you to keep the instance tidy and facilitates administrators to quickly display data of interest. Specifically, this plugin allows you to filter projects with new options and perform massive actions.

For example, with this plugin for SonarQube administrators will be able to know which set of projects are most active and which are frequently analyzed: can be filtered by a particular update date and sorted by projects with older to newer updates.

Another option offered by the Control Center plugin for SonarQube is to filter the number of projects selected by the administrator, in order to know the number of lines of code they contain. It also shows the number of lines of each code language.

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Control Center for SonarQube™ new UI option Control Center for SonarQube™ project management page

SonarQube Portfolio of all your Projects

Bulk actions on projects in SonarQube

SonarQube Control Center allows administrators to search for projects by a key or name, by analysis date, by analysis pendents, by public, private visibility or by both types.

Thanks to this puglin it will be easier for administrators to visualize the basic data (total code lines, by language, etc.) of the projects selected to be able to make management decisions and administration of the instance in a faster way.

This plugin answers, for example, the following questions: Are there old projects that are no longer analyzed and can be deleted? What are the most active projects?

Once projects have been filtered, administrators can apply actions such as a mass tagging of selected projects, so that can be easily found in any section of SonarQube.

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